What is variable credit?

The duration of your microcredit
PRÊTC offers you variable microcredit with no fixed term. You are not obliged to finish your repayment on a predetermined date, for example in one or five years. However, we reserve the right to provide you with an estimate with a minimum payment.

A cash advance
You receive an advance from your credit facility. A minimum payment is required and synchronized with each of your paychecks to simplify management.

The minimum payment
The minimum payment includes the repayment of a portion of the borrowed money, as well as the repayment of a portion of the interest on the borrowed money. It also includes a membership fee of $20 per week, which is payable until your balance is repaid.

Recharging your microcredit
PRÊTC also offers a refill of your credit facility as many times as you wish, and accessible as soon as 50% of your initial application is reimbursed. Certain conditions apply.*

Faster repayment
You are free to pay off your credit facility faster. In the event of a full repayment of your balance, all fees related to membership charges will no longer be charged. In addition, NO penalties or other charges for this faster repayment will be applied.

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